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Morris Whitworth

Died  2005  | Age 85 | Died at Ft Worth, TX


Sam Beckham

Died 1968  | Age 52 |  Died at Jal, New Mexico

Babe Thompson Barnes

Died 1972 | N/A | Died at Whitesboro, TX


J.D. Scurlock

Age N/A  | Died at N/A

Elvin E. Jackson

Died 1985 |  Age N/A  | Died at Garland, TX


Died N/A  | Age N/A |  Died at N/A

Louise Jeanette Zahn Peterson

Died 2002  | Age 83 |  Died at Dallas, Texas

Neysa Marcelle Grumke

Died 2003  | Age N/A |  Died at Roanoke City, VA

Bennie Jane Sapp Fleming

Died 10-06-08 | Age 89  | Died at Port Richey, Florida   

Robert "Billie" Pyeatt

Died 12-28-11  |  Age 93 |  Died a Greeley, CO


Corky Klepper

Age N/A  Died at N/A    

Tom Crumb 

Died N/A  Age N/A  Died at Jal, NM   

Charles Moore 

Died 1935  Age 13  Died at Jal, New Mexico    

Talmidge "Ike" Norfleet

Died 1966  Age N/A  Died at El Paso, TX

Wayne Bryant

Died 1977  Age 57  Died at Ruidoso, NM

John Chance

Died 1980  Age 61  Died at Odessa, Texas

Charles "Torchy" Justis

Died June 5, 1985  Age 66  Died at Indianapolis, IN

Earl J. Chidister

Died 1992  Age N/A  Died at Eagle Point, OR

Wilson P. Swinney

Died 1993  Age N/A  Died at Albuquerque, NM

Lucylle Robinson Townsend 

Died 1996  Age 76  Died at Jal, NM   

William W. Holloway

Died 1996  Age N/A  Died at Chula Vista, CA

Wanda Bryant Thornton

Died 2000  Age N/A  Died at Las Cruces, New Mexico

James O. Buffington

 Died 2001  Age N/A  Died at Baytown, Texas

Otto Wink

Died 2002  Age 82  Died at Eunice, New Mexico

David Farinelli

 Died 2002  Age N/A  Died at Edinburg, Texas

Jack H. Key

 Died 2003  Age N/A  Died at Uvalde, Texas

Allen D. Jarred

Died September 22, 2005  Age 85  Died at Hobbs, New Mexico


Roscoe Scott

 Died 1959  Age 38  Died at Portland,OR

Homer Phillips

Died N/A  Age N/A  Died at N/A

Bernard Neville

Died 1969  Age 48  Died at Jal, NM

William "Dubb" Reid

 Died 1976  Age 52  Died at Richardson, TX

Majorie Carr

 Died 1979  Age N/A  Died at N/A

Wilma Brock  

 Died N/A  Age N/A  Died at Artesia, NM   

E.F. "Red" Butler 

Died 1994  Age N/A  Died at Ft. Stockton, TX   

Carl Murray

Died 1994  Age 72  Died at Kerrville, TX

Louie Pender

Died 1994  Age 72  Died at Kerrville, TX

Helen Lindsey Pipes

Died 2001  Age N/A  Died at N/A

Charles Post

Died August 1, 2005  Age 84  Died at Avon Park, Florida

Kate McKeown Butler 

Died 05-07-2013  Age 90  Died at Ft. Stockton, TX